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What is the treatment method?

Education as treatment is important to dispel the many misunderstandings about chronic pain as well as many other conditions. Your Physio plays a key role in helping you understand your condition. They will also advise you on making changes to your lifestyle and surroundings to allow you to live your best life. This may involve ergonomic advice for work, car and home, advice regarding day to day activities including sport and hobbies. This guidance and support will change as your condition progresses.

Conditions we treat

Back pain

Back pain is extremely common and can have a considerable impact on people’s day to day lives. Physio can help the many different causes of back pain, some of these include; sporting injuries, work injuries, lifting injuries and posture.
chronic pain1

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is pain that has persisted for more than three months. It can be anywhere in the body and can start from a serious injury or something quite insignificant. There does not need to be any evidence to prove it exists. It won’t necessarily show up on any imaging or blood tests. It is a real condition but more often than not is successfully treated by a multi-disciplinary or holistic approach.

Shoulder pain

Physio can help the many different causes of shoulder pain, some of these include; rotator cuff,  lifting injuries and frozen shoulder.

Knee Pain

Physio can help the many different causes of knee pain, some of these include; ligament strains, kneecap/patella pain, meniscal/’cartilage injuries’ and Osteoarthritis.

Head and neck pain

Common problems seen by our physios Head & Neck pain Back Pain Knee Pain Shoulder Pain Dizziness/Vertigo

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