Hydrotherapy Classes - EBR Physio Bentleigh East

What is Hydrotherapy used for?

We offer Hydrotherapy within a group setting.  The exercise classes are personalised, making  the classes as interesting and rewarding as possible. 
Hydrotherapy is especially beneficial for many conditions, especially:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Post surgical rehab
  • Injury rehabilitation

Shoulder pain

Physio can help the many different causes of shoulder pain, some of these include; rotator cuff,  lifting injuries and frozen shoulder.

Back pain

Back pain is extremely common and can have a considerable impact on people’s day to day lives. Physio can help the many different causes of back pain, some of these include; sporting injuries, work injuries, lifting injuries and posture.

Head and neck pain

Common problems seen by our physios Head & Neck pain Back Pain Knee Pain Shoulder Pain Dizziness/Vertigo

Knee Pain

Physio can help the many different causes of knee pain, some of these include; ligament strains, kneecap/patella pain, meniscal/’cartilage injuries’ and Osteoarthritis.

When, Where & Wear

When: Classes take place on Tuesdays  4:00pm – 5:00pm 

Where: BHN Bentleigh East located  at 2A Gardeners Road in East Bentleigh. This is a purpose built hydro pool maintained at a comfortable 33 to 34.5° C.

Please allow for an hour to change and dry off.

Wear  your bathers & thongs/slides to the pool.  Also bring 2 x towels, one to dry with and one to stand one. 

How do I join the Hydrotherapy class?

If you are a current patient please speak to your physio about being added to the class.

If you are a new patient or haven’t seen us recently then you will need to have an assessment at our rooms before you can join the Hydrotherapy class.

You may be able to continue your exercises independently once a regime has been established.
Please note that these classes are suitable even for non-swimmers.

Can I claim Physio Exercise classes through my health insurance?

All of our classes are conducted by registered Physiotherapists & are claimable through private health insurance extras. We can also provide hydrotherapy to Home Care Package funded clients and NDIS participants.