What is the condition?

Back pain is extremely common and can have a considerable impact on people’s day to day lives. Physio can help the many different causes of back pain, some of these include; sporting injuries, work injuries, lifting injuries and posture.

How do we treat back pain?


Your Physio will have a chat with you about your condition.  They will take a medical history, review your symptoms and may do various tests and measures to ensure they have a good understanding of your issue.    They will then formulate a plan to best treat you. 

Treatment of acute symptoms:

Your physio treatment will include one or more of mobilisation & manipulation, dry needling and exercise prescription (Rehab exercises, Physio exercise & Hydrotherapy).

You may also be given some Home exercises to improve mobility and strength.  We use an app called PhysiApp which enables you to complete your prescribed exercise program by following simple, narrated exercise videos.  This  may also be progressed to Physio exercise/Clinical Pilates to continue strengthening 

Treatments Available:

Here is some additional information about conditions we treat.

Manual Therapy 

‘Hands-on’ or manual physiotherapy combined with exercise is the mainstay of our treatment at EBR Physio.  Manual physio treatment includes joint mobilisation to improve range of movement and relieve pain.   Soft tissue massage is also used to relieve tension.

Rehab Exercise

Rehab exercise is aimed at strengthening, restoring function and decreasing pain after an injury/illness or surgery. Surgeons will often have specific exercise guidelines which they want you to follow after surgery. Your physio will guide and monitor your exercise programmes

Advice and Education

Your Physio plays a key role in helping you understand your condition. They will also advise you on making changes to your lifestyle and surroundings to allow you to live your best life.

Staff spotlight: Av Kumar

Whether he’s working with his high performance sporting team or his regular patients Av is dedicated to providing treatment that helps everyone achieve their personalised goals. Av tailors programs to maximise their health, comfort and abilities.

How is Clinical Pilates different?

Pilates has long been regarded for improving core strength. The benefits gained from practising pilates are numerous including improved flexibility & mobility, posture, balance, bone density and many more.   At EBR Physio our Physios combine their in-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology which is utilised in Clinical Pilates.  This may include a combination of mat, fit-ball, foam roller, Pilates reformer and trapeze exercises. Unlike a regular Pilates class where participants all do the same program, Clinical Pilates provides a more individualised approach to your treatment and goals.