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A Physio Service for Caulfield That Achieves Results

Are your day to day activities plagued with crippling back pain or debilitating headaches? Perhaps that old sports injury from high school is playing up again. Well don’t simply ‘put up with it’ until it goes away, because more often than not, it won’t. You need to get yourself treatment with our physiotherapy for Caulfield residents to diagnosis the source of your discomfort and offer a course of action and rehabilitation that will leave you healthier and happier.

Physiotherapy services

Depending on your individual condition, we have a range of facilities to help with your treatment. We also possess a team of experienced and caring staff to guide you through our process. Our physio is available to Caulfield residents possesses the qualifications and the resources to help improve your condition.


We combined our in-depth knowledge of physiotherapy with the strengthening benefits of Clinical Pilates exercises to aid in rehabilitation. We customise your exercise program to meet your specific recovery requirements and structure them so that you can self-manage your routine after you’ve stopped seeing us. Your supervised and coordinated Pilates routine can help improve your flexibility, core stability, posture and reduce back and arthritic pains.


This highly beneficial treatment method involves undergoing exercises in a warm pool and uses the buoyancy of the water to reduce the overall impact of the physical activity. Hydrotherapy is excellent for those suffering from arthritis, back pain and post-surgical rehabilitation and is conducted in a fun and rewarding group class to minimise costs.

We conduct our hydrotherapy classes in East Bentleigh, near our clinic. However we are only a short drive from Caulfield, Oakleigh, Brighton and Ormond and also offer our home physiotherapy services for those who are unable to get to us.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our physiotherapy for Caulfield, then please call us on (03) 9570 1254 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.