Getting back to Exercise Safely - EBR Physio Bentleigh East

During COVID many of us have worked from home and except for walking and cycling, we’ve been unable to go to gym or group exercise classes. During this time I know many of you have logged on to our free online exercises each week with myself via Zoom.

From the week beginning 22nd of June, we are recommencing our group exercise classes and many of you will be returning to the gym and perhaps sport training sessions. The risk is that many of us will go too hard too fast. All of us need to gradually build up the level that we were at three months ago. Certainly, in our EBR classes, we will be mindful of starting gently and listening to our bodies.

If you are returning to the gym you will need to decrease your previous weights by 30-40% and gradually increase. At EBR Physio we can guide you with a return to exercise and sport/training plan. We can help you with a preventative exercise and stretching programme and help nip any of those overused, overload and injuries in the bud.

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