Inspiring People: Jan - EBR Physio Bentleigh East
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Getting back to being your best – Inspiring People
Jan has been a patient of over many years and has recently completed the first GLA:D® education and exercise programme conducted at EBR Physio.    We chatted to Jan to find out how it went.

Why did you decide to do the GLA:D® programme?
Jan: I knew I needed to have a knee replacement so I did the GLA:D® programme as the final stage of preparation pre-surgery.

Was there anything in the programme that surprised you?
Jan: The exercises were similar to those I had done as part of my physio sessions previously with a few new ones.  The ‘sliders’ which we used were new to me.

How did you find the sessions?

Jan:  the sessions were good,  the corrections given by the physio, Lea were excellent.  I also enjoyed being challenged by the progression of exercises .

Did you notice any differences, before and after doing the programme?
In what ways?

Jan:  Definitely, at the beginning I wasn’t able to get through the set exercises and by the end of the 6 weeks not only could I complete the exercises, but my speed improved.  I regained strength which was lost through pain and lack of movement.  There was also an improvement in my range of movement. 

Would you recommend the programme to others with knee or hip concerns?

Jan:  I already have!  The GLA:D® programme also made a difference to my recovery.  My GP was very impressed with how well I was moving post surgery. 

Visit the GLA:D® page on our website to find out more details about the programme.