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Keeping healthy and happy during the colder months

We get it. Sometimes the cold weather and darker, shorter days have us favouring a movie on the couch over our usual exercise routine .

Exercise in winter is probably the best medicine for overcoming the winter blues. A better approach may be to change up your exercise routine to accommodate the weather and how you’re feeling on the day. 

winter exercise

Alex Parker, Victoria University Professor of Physical Activity and Mental Health says some light movement is the ideal compromise. ‘‘Some movement is better than none for our mental health, so it’s important to plan for tough or tired days – so if you’re not feeling up to that really long run, maybe doing some gentle stretching or meditation will be beneficial for restoring the body and preparing to work harder next time,’’ she says. If your body’s saying, ‘This is not the right approach’, then be flexible.’’ There are a number of things to put you in your best form to safely enjoy your winter activity

PREPARE –  work on Strength & Balance & Core
WARM UP & STRETCH after your activity

Michael Mosley’s shares his 10 essential tips for keeping healthy and happy through the cold months.
This is a shared article from The Age Digital Edition, Tuesday, 02 May 2023. Link to article: How to indulge, in moderation .

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