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inspring people Shelly

Inspiring people: Shelly

Getting back to being your best – inspiring people

Shelly has been a patient of ours for several years and more recently has been attending physio after fracturing her ankle.  We chatted with her to ask her about her patient experience:

What brought you to EBR Physio?

Shelly: I broke my ankle.  Once the plaster came off and I was in a boot I was having physio as part of my rehab.  My foot fracture then affected other parts of my body, my other body parts weren’t working as well as they should.

How has EBR Physio got you back to being your best?

Shelly:    As I continue to improve Lea keeps challenging me by adding on more layers to the home exercises.   I can’t forget the exercises as they are all in PhysiApp.  Lea has also been good at explaining how the exercises will help my recovery.
I have been coming to EBR for years and have seen all the physios along the way.   One thing I really like is that I don’t feel like I’m being rushed out the door, equally I don’t feel pressured to come back all the time.  I only come as needed.

How do you stay motivated?

My body reminds me to do my exercises.  If I don’t do them, I don’t feel good.  My family are also very good at nagging me!

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