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Driving Posture Checklist

If you are planning to go away over summer there is a good chance that you will be spending hours in the car.   It’s important to stop  every two to three hours and take a short break, this will help relieve any tension throughout your body.

Before you begin your journey take some time to set up your car properly and make sure you’re comfortable. 

A lumbar support pillow on your car seat can add extra comfort to your seat and provide support to your lower back.  If you don’t have one of these you can use a rolled-up towel.

It is not uncommon to experience lower back, shoulder or neck pain from driving.  What could you do about it? 

Good driving posture checklist:

Seat position

    • Adjust your seat so you have a clear view of the road. 
    • You should be able to reach and depress pedals without your back moving away from the back of the seat, there should still be a slight bend in your legs.
    • Use a cushion if needed.
    • Adjust the backrest so that it is comfortable, if there is not too much pressure on the lower back a lumbar support cushion may be help.

Steering wheel & arm position

    • When stationary – you should be able to sit with your shoulder blades pressed back into the chair and with straight arms your wrists should sit on the edge of the steering wheel.
    • When driving – your shoulders should be relaxed with a slight bend in your arms.

We have created a downloadable for you to save and reference on the commencement of a long journey – CLICK HERE.

If you can assist with any lower back, shoulder or neck pain – feel free to book an appointment at EBR Physio – here. Happy driving and wishing you a safe holiday season. We look forward to helping you continue being your best in 2022.

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