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Staff spotlight: Av Kumar

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Whether he’s working with his high performance sporting team or his regular patients Av is dedicated to providing treatment that helps everyone achieve their personalised goals. Av tailors programs to maximise their health, comfort and abilities.

Av has extensive experience working in various sports including professional basketball for over 7 years, cricket for 10 years and over 450 Australian football games.

What are your career highlights?
“It’s difficult to pick just one. There are a few things that stand out, being a part of the high performance team with Melbourne United during their 2017-18 championship year, being a physiotherapist for an Cricket Australia A v Sri Lanka game and helping to setup and grow the physiotherapy department at South East Melbourne Phoenix (NBL) for the last 4 years. “

Av is also the Head Physiotherapist at Old Haileybury Amateur Football Club in the VAFA.  Previously he has also worked as a Research Officer at Latrobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre studying the long term effects of ACL reconstruction injuries.

Why Physio?
“I am passionate about encouraging people and watching their progress, whether it be rehabilitation from an injury or mastering their sport.”  

Fun fact:  During COVID Av became a self professed coffee barista with his Sunbeam coffee machine and had the 2018 AFL grand final on repeat. He now enjoys an active lifestyle with his wife and two young kids, Lily and Charlie. 

Inspiring People: Jan

inspiring people Jan

Getting back to being your best – Inspiring People
Jan has been a patient of over many years and has recently completed the first GLA:D® education and exercise programme conducted at EBR Physio.    We chatted to Jan to find out how it went.

Why did you decide to do the GLA:D® programme?
Jan: I knew I needed to have a knee replacement so I did the GLA:D® programme as the final stage of preparation pre-surgery.

Was there anything in the programme that surprised you?
Jan: The exercises were similar to those I had done as part of my physio sessions previously with a few new ones.  The ‘sliders’ which we used were new to me.

How did you find the sessions?

Jan:  the sessions were good,  the corrections given by the physio, Lea were excellent.  I also enjoyed being challenged by the progression of exercises .

Did you notice any differences, before and after doing the programme?
In what ways?

Jan:  Definitely, at the beginning I wasn’t able to get through the set exercises and by the end of the 6 weeks not only could I complete the exercises, but my speed improved.  I regained strength which was lost through pain and lack of movement.  There was also an improvement in my range of movement. 

Would you recommend the programme to others with knee or hip concerns?

Jan:  I already have!  The GLA:D® programme also made a difference to my recovery.  My GP was very impressed with how well I was moving post surgery. 

Visit the GLA:D® page on our website to find out more details about the programme.

Inspiring People: Nicole

Nicole first came to EBR during the hard lockdown in Melbourne. Having suffered a stroke some time ago Nicole is no stranger to physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Nicole recently underwent ground-breaking reconstructive surgery to improve her ability to walk. When Nicole started her rehab journey at EBR she was in a boot, using a crutch and could only walk a short distance. Nicole has been attending physio twice a week, continuing her rehab at home and in two short months she has improved enormously and is now able to now walk 400 meters independently. We chatted to her recently to find out how she stays motivated with her rehab.

What brought you to EBR Physio?
Nicole: I was looking for a local physio for my post-surgical rehab.

How has EBR Physio got you back to being your best?
Nicole: Michael has kept me challenged with my rehab with constant goal setting. We have already exceeded expectations, it’s great to be able to look back and see how far I’ve come.

How do you stay motivated?
Nicole: For me being mobile and independent are my biggest motivations. I have a zest for life and want to get back to being independent so that I am able to enjoy every day.

How would you describe your overall rehab experience at EBR Physio?
Nicole: I really like the family atmosphere at EBR Physio, It feels less clinical, friendly and as a result, enjoyable to be there.

Michael conducting a session via TeleHealth

Inspiring People: Leonie

Getting back to being your best – Inspiring People
Leonie has been a patient of ours for many years. She has been attending one on one weekly exercise sessions for the past year and has continued these all the way through lockdowns via Telehealth. Because Leonie has been such a superstar we chatted with her to see what inspires her:

What brought you to EBR Physio?
Leonie: I was already attending EBR Physio for hands-on treatment but doing my exercise elsewhere. I didn’t realise that I could also do my one on one exercise sessions with my physio.

Tell us about your telehealth experience
Leonie: After we ironed out the initial technical/Internet hiccups it has been fantastic. I have been able to seamlessly continue my weekly exercise with my swiss ball, weights and exercise band. I have enjoyed the variety of exercises that can be done using simple equipment. When I felt sore I was able to show Michael which area it was and was able to tailor our sessions to adapt accordingly. Michael’s friendly personality and lovely banter have made my telehealth experience most enjoyable.