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A Physio Service Ormond Residents Trust

Our caring team of dedicated professionals can help you get back on track by treating a number of physical conditions and injuries. Whether you have a sports or spinal injury, our physiotherapy for Ormond residents has the facilities and professional team to take care of you.

Based in East Bentleigh, we have been in the industry for over 50 years and throughout that time we have maintained a commitment to always putting the needs of our clients above everything else. We do this by providing a prompt and reliable service which strives to remain ethical and professional at all times.

What our Ormond physiotherapy can offer you

No matter your age or physical condition, physiotherapy can offer many benefits to ensure you’re as physically healthy as possible. We can assist with most musculo-skeletal problems and can treat anything from:

We can diagnose the problem

If you require physio in East Bentleigh give us a call on (03) 9570 1254 to discuss your condition. We are only a short drive from Ormond, Caulfield, Oakleigh and Brighton.

Benefits to you

Our physio service can strengthen your muscles and increase joint movement. It also has the potential to relieve pain and speed up the recovery for injuries that could otherwise take much longer to heal on their own. Our highly trained physiotherapists will be able to evaluate your physical condition and identify the best course of action to remedy the situation. Whether through a regular treatment, or a rehabilitation plan, we offer one on one physiotherapy sessions near Ormond to give you the personalised service you deserve.